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KoruLife Coaching & Hypnotherapy

Life is about enjoying the journey and living a Koru Life!

Be inspired to embrace New Beginnings, nurture Growth, develop Strength to transform and find Inner Peace.

Read testimonials from clients below.

I wanted to take my services online, which was a very new and foreign idea to me. I bought a course online and quickly realised "info overload" when it came to setting it up successfully. It just became too overwhelming. Donna came into my life like a guardian angel. She quickly made the task at hand very easy and simple. She was very patient with me and helped me understand the parts I found complicated and frustrating. But I succeeded in all and the experience matured me and gave me the confidence that I could do it well!

Adele B

Donna is more than a therapist to me, she is a God-send! She is the kind of person who walks with you all the way through thick and thin and doesn’t leave your side until the issue has been resolved, she is truly 1 in a million! In our session, she led me through some of the darkest places in my soul and helped me come out on the other side revived and with a new found zest for life. When others might have gotten impatient or decided that ‘time’s up’- Donna was determined to keep going deeper and deeper with me until we got to the root of my issues. Her hypnosis recordings are peaceful, calm, welcoming and professionally designed. Her hypnosis really triggered my emotions and my soul, it has helped me to re-design my thought-life from one of doom and destruction to hope, abundance and optimism.

So, thanks to Donna I have defeated depression, insecurity and countless other ‘demons’ I’ve been struggling with since adolescence. I am also now on the road to fulfilling my dream of opening my own business within the next few months, all thanks to Donna’s amazing insight, sensitivity, love, passion and willingness to help. Thank you Donna, you will always have a place of honour in my heart and life! Donna’s given me a second shot at life

Monika R


"I honestly didn’t know what to expect with RTT, but I was pleasantly surprised and would certainly recommend it. I found it insightful, emotional and very powerful. I was able to let go of things that have reallly been affecting me that I no longer need to give my energy to. Inviting my younger self into my home was one of the most emotive things I have ever done. Donna is calm, kind and non judgemental. I felt safe to be vulnerable and know that in doing so I was able to get the most out of the experience. 

I found the sessions with Donna empowering and enlightening. From our first session together I felt so much clearer on the path I needed to be on to fulfil my goal. I went into the session feeling a little lost and very overwhelmed with the task in front of me and came away with such motivation. I completed my first action within 30minutes of getting off the call and the momentum kept going from there.

Having the time to reflect and see what I had actually achieved between sessions kept my motivation high, it was great to talk through the successes at the start of the session. It also highlighted areas that needed more focus going forward.

I think that having sessions with Donna definitely made my goal feel more attainable to gave me confidence in myself to keep going at it. Thank you!"

Laura Krasij

"I had a wonderful and powerful RTT session with Donna to clear the remnants of self-doubt that I felt were holding me back from reaching some of my goals.

Donna was very thorough in understanding exactly how my block showed up in my business and did a great job of uncovering the root cause of my issue. I had not even realised how impactful the negative beliefs I had formed about myself had been. It feels amazing now they are cleared and I no longer wonder or worry if that inner voice will pop up when I show up to do things in my business that are a stretch for me.

I feel free from my original issue and I have been kicking goals in my business ever since!"

Nicole Hewitt-Donaldson

Working with Donna has empowered me to make change and keep momentum up. I have challenged some of my biggest fears about public speaking, giving me huge insight into my personal blocks. I feel confident to move in the direction and will continue to keep her in my life to support me in the future. Donna has a lovely way of challenging you to help you develop you in your stretch zone, whilst remaining warm, compassionate and supportive the entire time.

Sarah Burrows

The RTT session with Donna Liza blew my mind. She created a safe container for me to travel back to my experiences that shaped my beliefs and guided me safely trough everything. She was respectful of my energy and my emotions and brought me straight to the points of transformation. The words she spoke and the transformational recording are very empowering and this has been the deepest Hypnosis state I have ever been in. I was able to let it all go and I can highly recommend Donna Liza as a Hypnotherapist to anyone that is ready to change their life!

Simona Marini

I’ve been struggling with Self-sabotage and procrastination for quite a long time and they have been holding me back. I thought I knew why I had these behaviours but after the RTT session with Donna I discovered that I had a subconscious belief that I wasn’t aware of.

Donna was super helpful since the beginning, super understanding, confident, intuitive, knowledgeable, motivating and her voice was amazingly soothing – which was exactly what I needed. She made me a very well thought recording, with all I needed to hear and where every word was thought to make me change the right things.

I’d recommend Donna to anyone who wants to discover where their self-sabotage and procrastination come from and to erradicate them once and for all. I’ve now started my own process and I will listen to the beautiful recording Donna prepared for me for 21 days. I’m super excited with this new step towards being who I want to be. Thanks, Donna, keep up with the magic work!

Joana Casaca

I had experienced a strong anxiety that created physically uncomfortable symptoms when participating in certain types of music performance. I have had these symptoms for as long as I remember and they diminish the enjoyment I get from singing and performance, which is a big part of my life. It was this that brought me to Donna.

I found her to be very encouraging and emotionally invested in my progression over this ‘blocker’ I was experiencing. I found her easy to talk to and we had a laugh during the sessions.

The RTT session itself was emotional – I felt ‘aware’ as we went through the process, and it  unlocked latent memories I had not been consciously aware of before then.

Initially I wasn’t so aware of a change, but I was disciplined about listening to the recording and by the time I next came to be in a public performance space, I found that the physical symptoms I usually experience were significantly diminished and I felt much more joyful and composed throughout.

It was striking to me that the recording Donna created for me was exceptionally carefully tailored and personal to my experience, I realised that she must have been listening incredibly attentively to my experiences and difficulties during our session, in order to craft such a relevant and effective recording.

Victoria S

My RTT session with Donna was exhilarating. She guided me through some uncomfortable scenes in my past and gently helped me to clear the blocks formed at those early times with regard to self-sabotaging my own efforts to step into leadership. 

I didn’t realize until during the session, how I had been holding myself back due to beliefs that I wasn’t worthy of growing my business after an incident in which I cheated to win a hopscotch tournament in the 5thgrade.

She helped me during hypnosis to understand that I can forgive myself now and move forward in my life. The recording she made was phenomenal, her soothing and comforting voice accompanied by lovely music.

Before the session, Donna carefully inquired as to the issues I was concerned about – mainly self-sabotage – and effectively guided me to realize exactly where I needed help and what I wanted to accomplish.

She also coached me with regard to my business endeavors. I highly recommend Donna. Her passion for her work is clear and she is an extremely talented RTT therapist.

Marlu Harris

I did hypnosis with Donna on July 29, 2020. I had a lot of deep and complex issues to resolve. The first contact, during the session, was very warm.

We spoke for almost 1.5 hours, she asked me a lot of questions to understand the root of my problems and explain to me what hypnosis could bring me.

The hypnosis session went very well, I felt completely confident, I was able to relive scenes from my childhood and my youth which were the source of my blockages. Donna’s voice is very pleasant and makes hypnosis easier. I am very happy to have had this experience, today I listen to the recording every day to continue the therapy.

I feel that this therapy is working, my entourage is seeing an improvement although I have not yet arrived at 21 days of listening to the recording.

Hypnosis is for me something revolutionary that allows us to improve our quality of life in an extraordinary way. Thank you Donna for your professionalism and also your kindness.

Jean Philippe Perou

Donna is amazing, genuinely courteous, kind of full of love for the people. I felt very comfortable and immediate sense of connection with her. Before the session we talked a bit , session was conducted on Zoom.

She helped me to discover the heart of the issue. I have been searching for the solutions of my procrastination and self sabotage.

During the session I discovered something new to me. It was enlightening and transformative. However I didn’t feel an immediate effect. It has been building up in me.

I’m listening to the recording she prepared. It’s very powerful and listening give me some pleasure. Few times I was crying whilst listening to that record. Thank you so much Donna, from the bottom of my heart.

You are a phenomenal RTT Practitioner. I highly recommend your services.

Izabella Mulcahy

Donna in real terms you are a REFLECTOR, who has full potentials and ability to sense and correct the emotions and energies of the people by easily identifying the core issues that needed addressing. Your understanding and support have been an inspiration to me. You are an exceptional at what you do. You had an excellent way of interpreting and maintaining a good balance between thoughts and  feelings without neglecting or diminishing either one.

From many years, I had been following the same unhelpful pattern of belief throughout my life. Donna you have helped me break free from those limited beliefs by changing the thinking and behavior at the subconscious level with the power of therapy. You have successfully helped me treat my imprint that I had from my childhood that was creating a big obstacle in my current life in one single session.

I listened to your mp3 you sent me through email, and wow!! Your voice is so soothing, calm, safe, as soon as I started listening, I felt very relaxed!  

Thank you for caring, listening and giving enough time. Your sessions are thought provoking, Deep Routed, Immensely Powerful and reaches the core.

Dipti Gandhi

I found the RTT session with Donna a few weeks ago very beneficial. During the session I unearthed a reason for my barriers, one I had totally forgotten about and it  clarified lots of things for me, enabling me to feel more confident about my skills and ability in what I do, especially around running my  business.

The accompanying voice recording is very useful, because it is personal to me and it helped me to continue to grow following the session.  I was rather anxious about the session and experiencing RTT, however my fears were expelled as Donna led me patiently, positively and professionally  through the process.  

Donna’s manner is positive, calm and reassuring. It was a real  pleasure  working  with her. I would definitely recommend RTT as a process to help you get unstuck and help you to move forwards to achieve your goals.

Donna’s had a very pleasant, warm, non-judgemental  and reassuring manner. This enabled me to feel confident in her ability as a coach. As a result of the sessions I was able to take steps towards my goals. Enabling me to move forward in paving out the career path that I have set for myself.

Donna was professional and organised in her manner. Which gave me confidence in working with her. She kept me accountable so that in between sessions I was able to be productive and achieve the actions that we had set out during the sessions. It was a pleasure working with Donna and I wish her every success in the future.

Cherie Cowan-Smith

My coaching sessions with Donna have encouraged below surface-level self reflective thinking, which has led to bigger questions and thought processes, instead of just accepting the way they are – this deeper level of thinking has also allowed me to see a different perspective of myself as a person, and what I have to offer, instead of leading my life based on other peoples thoughts and opinions of me.

These coaching sessions have helped me break life-time habits of negative self-talk, negative self-perception and self-imposed limitations that were holding me back in many aspects of my life.

I truly believe that my life coaching sessions, in conjunction with other tools, have helped me see the bigger picture of who I am, why I am, and how I can build up from that.

Elsie A

The coaching sessions have helped me achieve my goals. I have come to realise more about my strengths and weaknesses. I have learned to realise more about myself and know where I want to be in 6 months time.

I really liked the visualisation process as it helped me work out my goals. I found Donna really helpful and she has a passion in this field which was very important as she came across to me as someone who is really wanting me to achieve my goals.

Sabrina Hussain

My life was overwhelmed with fear of meeting people, very chaotic and without a sense of direction in my career and social life.

Donna as my life coach, after good analysis, worked with me to find solutions, with simple step by step guide, that restored direction and quality back to my career and social life.

Her approach is very positive and encouraging with patience and understanding. She also uses good practical examples to aid visualisation and understanding of complex solutions.

Akin A